While more and more logistics companies test the viability of drone delivery, the hobbiest market poses a threat to their future.

My interest in UAVs centres around their commercial use, so I’m not that interested in drones as a hobby. Drone racing doesn’t do it for me! And I’m concerned that the rising popularity and rapidly falling price of drones ‘for fun’ may trip up commercial planning.

I remember living in London at he end of the 70s and recall the ‘alarm’ expressed by the media at the advent of skateboarding, with warnings that they soon ‘take over our streets’. Their popularity has ebbed and flowed over the past four decades, but now we have skateparks, which I guess are more fun than pavements anyway.

The sky’s the limit… but space there is limited nevertheless!

I’ve talked before about ‘Droid lanes’ to keep ground-based autonomous delivery robots off our already crowded pavements … and all of this is so new that nobody can really calculate how many robots will roam our streets, or drones fill the skies a year from now, or five of ten…

So what about UAVs??

If legislators are going to develop rules and regulations to control parcel and pizza deliveries by drones, then the people who want to have drone flying as their hobby, but also want stuff delivered by Amazon or Dominos might have to be satisfied with using Drone-parks sometime soon.

Seems the sky’s the limit… but space there is limited nevertheless!